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Post by Wallace on Sun Jan 10, 2016 9:57 am

Before the game starts, each players picks their class from the Detective, Mad Scientist or Vigilante. Each player's opening hand contains one of each henchman and the board is filled with the 6 lowest costing criminals. Players then take turns and going through three stages on their turn. This ruleset is written for online use on a forum but can be played offline as well.

The first stage is the income stage. It's important to check that the previous player made no mistakes on their turn. Then you add the income of each of your cards to your total resources. These allow you to make arrests.

The second stage is the action stage. You may play a card from your hand, it is discarded afterwards. The card text explains what it does.

The third stage is the arrest stage. You may make one arrest, unless the card you played specifies otherwise. By arresting a criminal or villain you put them in your hand. The cost of the card to be arrested has to be paid with a single resource. It's not possible to spread Money, Clues and Opium around.

Whenever a card on the board disappears, it must immediately be replaced. Doing so requires rolling three six sided dice and adding the total up. The table below will tell you which villain or criminal will replace the empty slot. Villains are unique so if they are already on the board, keep rolling until you get another result.

3 Jack the Ripper (v)
4 Murderer
5 Assassin
6 Whore Madam
7 Quack Doctor
8 Gambler
9 Vagabond
10 Sailor
11 Drunkard
12 Rat Catcher
13 Snitch
14 Arsonist
15 Cat Burglar
16 Lunatic
17 Traitor
18 Copycat Killer (v)

The object of the game is to arrest Jack the Ripper. This means piling resources so that when Jack the Ripper arrives you have enough to arrest him.


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Rules Empty Re: Rules

Post by Wallace on Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:05 am

Rules UadTgVE


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